bring beloved by photo

الأربعاء 7 مايو 2014
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bring beloved by photo

Sheikh spiritual to bring a beloved pilgrim ABOBaker moroccan.

Sheikh spiritual Moroccan Hajj Abobaker start including it count and gets its guidance to deliver to the reader of the richest and most powerful and fastest ways to bring the beloved image and that does not disappoint liquid never to the content of the speed of retrieval of the lover to his beloved obedience and answer in the case , and if not for fear of muting knowing what you look at this great interest in bringing love and beloved agitation and obedience and is fitter properly begins with God’s help and take a picture of you like clockwork and white and black and incantations written by this hour on Thursday, Venus in Virgo devoid of Jinx and the moon in Said honor and embossed on the image of these forms as shown and intends them one and a seventy times fit of the zodiac to the fire in a place free of people . And incense and wood workers Ksberh Sidr and frankincense to see the picture and is flying above the ground and are the signs of the presence of the beloved quickly . Do not forget your name, mother’s maiden name of the student and asking you write behind the picture and writing with rose water and saffron and rain water or water of seven wells .

And warded with God do to bring it strong and fast and boggle the minds and makes the beloved in your hands and do not insist you never for a moment and do not get separated from you never like a baby in association with his mother and does not think only in you and does not look only for your face . Vahmad God and we pray for mercy and forgiveness.
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